16th of October World Food Day - Gürallar Cam Ambalaj

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16th of October World Food Day

16th of October World Food Day

Back in 1945 after it was founded, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has established 16th of October to be the World Food Day and eventually became one of the most celebrated days of United Nations (UN) calendar. The World Food Day aims to raise awareness for those who are not lucky enough like us and suffer from extreme hunger and to emphasize the importance of adequate and balanced nutrition by ensuring hygiene and sanitation efficiency at the production-consumption and sales points of food.

Referring to a different theme every year, World Food Day is organized throughout the year in FAO member countries within the framework of various events and projects to contribute to everyone's access to food safety and nutritious foods.

Choosing sustainable food and drinks and recycling the packaging of products we buy for a greener world are just a few of the measures that can be taken individually. Furthermore, as an individual, reducing our carbon footprint and preventing the contamination of food and beverage sources is one of the most significant steps we can take.

According to FAO research, people living in 129 countries have been suffering from extreme hunger and poverty. Besides, 72 of the states noted that the number is halved by the end of 2015. 15.000 children are saved each day by FAO's efforts, reaching out to the people with clean water and food. 

We all have a mission to accomplish. Decreasing our carbon footprint by making smart choices in the products we consume, material choices of the packaging for the products we consume, shifting towards sustainable diets and not wasting food, always recycle the things we do not use or need anymore. Lastly, informing others around us that choices we make have a direct impact on nature and therefore, even one individual could have a considerable effect.

By approaching nature more sensitively, we should take a step and become more aware of how the products you consume affect the environment.