Our Social Responsibility Policy

  • Compliance to Law and Regulations: GCA shall act in accordance with all local and national law and regulation within the jurisdiction where commercial activities are conducted.
  • Child Labor: GCA shall not employ any individual under the legal age set forth by any jurisdiction.
  • Freedom of Union and Collective Bargaining: GCA’s employees are entitled to syndicate among themselves or join any existing union and participate collective bargaining.
  • Working Hours: GCA adopted regulating weekly working hours and overtimes, and pay overtime payments as defined by laws and let employees take their weekly vacations.
  • Discrimination: All terms regarding employment are determined in accordance with the capabilities of individuals not depending on their personality or beliefs. GCA does not discriminate against race, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, impairment or similar matters.
  • Working Conditions: GCA provides its employees with working conditions in compliance with occupational law and safety and regulations. Potable water, clean and sufficient toilet and baths, proper ventilation, fire exits, safety equipment, emergency units, sufficient illumination are essential for a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Environment: GCA adopts using recyclable, non-toxic materials; decreasing over-packaging due to the environmental conscious.
  • Right of Supervision: GCA always welcomes customers or third parties who desire to control the proper implementation of social responsibility principals. 
  • Ethical Conduct: In line with our sincere belief in the importance of integrity, our employees are not allowed to accept gift from third parties as prescribed by code of conduct.